TNT is one of the fastest growing and most exciting brands of Household products in the country. We pride ourselves on our exquisite range of products and outstanding customer service. Each of the products has been aesthetically designed keeping in mind the details like utility, styling and finishing meeting the aspirations of modern homes.

Indian homes are changing in terms of size, décor and hence require modern articles to meet the space constraints and maintain aesthetic appeal. TNT has a deep understanding of global trends in home styling and has always ensured that its products meet those standards providing stunning makeover to every home.

At TNT, we believe that women play an important role in styling of homes and have aspirations for better quality products at reasonable prices. We understand that the task of beautification of home is indeed an emotional and big decision and requires sensible investment. Our team has set high quality standards for all the products and ensures that they meet the aspirations of Indian women.

With vast experience and a lineage of completely satisfied clients from various parts of India, our passion for growth drives us towards constant innovation and setting new standards of quality. Our research and development is the base of our success as we have ensured our position as a value partner in the design and manufacture of Home Utility products through regular innovation and in-house manufacturing capabilities.

We strongly believe in Make in India concept and have the infrastructure to provide good quality products at competitive prices to all importers who are currently buying from China and other countries. Our customer list includes many companies who were earlier importing from China but now buying better quality Indian products from us at much competitive prices. Our endeavor is to make India self-reliant in all the products that we manufacture and reduce the import burden of the country.

Our products also have a vast market overseas and we have necessary regulatory clearances for meeting export demand. We also have the capabilities to develop new products based on requirements of specific countries for export purpose.